Develop and Implement an Operational Plan


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Assignment Details:-

  • Topic: Manage Operational Plan
  • Words: 2500




1. Describe models and methods for operational plans

2. Explain the role of an operational plan in achieving the organisation’s objectives

3. Explain the budgeting process

4. Describe alternative approaches to developing key performance indicators to meet business objectives

5. Describe legislative and regulatory context relevant to the operational plan of the







Although Bounce Fitness is known in their local communities, it is seeking an extended presence and identity to promote the company’s unique approach and lifestyle vision to an older audience. The organisation tendered for, and won, a health initiative to conduct a three month pilot project involving older typical non-users to improve their fitness and lifestyle in each of the four (4) Bounce Fitness Centres.


The CEO and Board of Directors have asked you to manage the operational plan.


Bounce Fitness’s target clients for this project are those over 50 years of age. Starting from the initial contact and assessment, these individuals will be looking for innovative but comfortable, effective and convenient solutions for their needs. They may have already heard of Bounce Fitness, but will be referred and encouraged by their health providers and the staff of accommodation catering to a senior age group. Classes will cater for up to 30 and be held weekdays at 11am.


He / she may have weight or health issues or concerns (diabetes, depression, restricted mobility) and have an interest in improving their fitness, but rarely commences until advised by their health provider of the necessity and benefits. The advertising will be managed by the Health Department and the Tender covers all costs but catering. There is no cost to clients so it is expected there will be a good uptake.


Bounce Fitness will take pre- and post- weight, body mass and blood pressure measurements.  They will supply a daily class on weekdays.  Each class is designed to be encouraging and fun and also deal with weight, flexibility and diet. Those attending will be encouraged to stay and enjoy a free lunch that is healthy and light and to converse with others pre- and post- training.  They will also be shown how to use the equipment and how to maintain their fitness through additional daily gentle exercise at home and diet changes. The lunch will cost Bounce Fitness $15 per head per class.


It is recognised that the emotional needs including managing depression, companionship and general interest in becoming more active in their lives generally should also be impacted positively.


Testing supplied by Bounce Fitness will include weight, body measurements and mass and blood pressure initially and monthly thereafter. This will require the purchase of 6 Mobile Mercury Sphygmomanometers for each Centre at a cost of $199 inc. GST each. All other testing will be undertaken by the Ministry of Health. So the outcomes for Bounce Fitness will be in terms of client physical success factors and profitability. As this is a government tender, complete and accurate record keeping is essential.


Current staff will be able to manage the new clients but will need to update their training in the monitoring and recording of the client physical markers and diet appropriate to that age group. This training cost will be budgeted in the infrastructure costs for one month before the commencement of the program at $1,500 for the month. Otherwise they need no further development. Infrastructure costs include use of the facility, wear and tear on carpet and equipment, cooling and administrative costs.  This is $3,000 per Centre.


There is a month to prepare and the plan will run as a pilot project for three months. The budget for this pilot follows.

Cashflow Budget


OBJECTIVE: You are required to demonstrate your ability to develop an operational  plan with details  of how  it  will  be  implemented  and  monitored  and have knowledge of models and methods for operational plans. To allow you to demonstrate your skill, you must address the following Tasks using the Case Study provided.


SUBMISSION: Provide a written reponse of your developed plan. Examine the business planning on the Bounce Fitness website under the Infrastructure plan to get a clear picture of the expectations of plans entered into by Bounce Fitness.


Enact your report, as a response to the following points:

  1. Research, analyse and list the resources that you will require for this plan and where you intend to obtain them. Resources will include goods and services to be purchased and/or be ordered; human resources , physical and current and future financial resources.
  2. Discuss with  whom  you  would  consult  in  developing  your  plan  and  on an ongoing basis.   Specifically, how and when will you conduct the consultations?
  3. What are  your  key  performance  indicators  so  you  can  see  if  you  are progressing toward the goals at the planned rate or not?
  4. Looking at the plan you have developed, develop a contingency plan for each area where something could go wrong and how you will recover. You must provide at least one plan.
  5. Prepare your plan for presentation to the CEO and Board of Directors to get approval for your resource requirements. Ensure these requirements are supported by information sources and specialist advice as appropriate and in the report format required by Bounce Fitness (Bounce Fitness website under the Procedures tab / Administrative Procedures / Style Guide).

Your plan should include:

  • How the operational plan was developed and/or managed?
  • How you have developed and used key performance indicators?
  • How has contingency planning been undertaken?
  • How have you implemented performance management systems within work teams?
  • How have you formulated financial plans and budgets?
  1. Discuss who  will  need  to approve  your  plan,  how  you  will  obtain  their approval and how you will inform the teams so that they understand and can implement the plan.







Q1: Develop your strategies for recruiting and inducting staff to this Bounce Fitness project, if necessary.   If you do not require new staff, how will you ensure that the staff who are currently employed are fully trained and know the expectations that must be met?  On the Bounce website under the Policies and Procedures tab is the information relating to Human Resources recruiting, induction and personal development.

Q2: Referring  to  the  Bounce  Fitness  Purchasing  policies  and  procedures (Bounce Fitness website under the Policies tab / Finance and under the Procedures tab / Financial Procedures) describe your planned strategies for acquiring physical resources and services if necessary to the implementation of your plan.

Q3: How  will  you  ensure  that  intellectual  property  rights  are  not  breached during recruitment and acquisition of resources and services?





Q1: In  Assessment 2 – Question 3,  you  developed  systems  and  processes  to  measure  the  key performance indicators of  your plan. Describe how you will monitor and review each in terms of expected productivity and profit plans and targets.

Q2: On  the  Bounce  Fitness  website,  under  the  Infrastructure  tab  you  will have accessed the financial information that describes the profitability expectations of Bounce Fitness.  Comparing this to the budget supplied, review the plan in terms of what would ideally be expected and how it could be achieved.

Q3: Look again at all of the systems and processes and for each, detail how you will manage underperformance.

Q4: Detail how you would identify underperformance in staff and how you will manage this and support them.

Q5: If you see areas requiring variations to the plan, who would you refer this to and by what means? How will you record the performance of staff? If you are unable to find what you believe is necessary on the Bounce Fitness website, design your own and include a copy for your Assessor.