BSBCUS501 Strategies to Manage Organisational Systems


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Assignment Details:-

  • Topic: Manage Quality Customer Service
  • Words: 2500




Q1. Describe the requirements of one key provision from each of the items below and impact they have on managing customer service:


Anti-discrimination legislation:-


Australian Consumer Law :-


Ethical principles:-


Codes of Practice:-


Privacy laws:-


Financial Legislation:-


Work Health and Safety (WHS)


Q2. How could the customer complaints handling policies be improved for any business that has direct customer service?


Q3. Provide two examples of service standards and best practice models of a business that handles direct customer contact and related customer complaints.

Service Standards:
Best Practice


Q4. How should an organisation manage public relations?


Q5. How should an organisation manage product promotion?


Q6. How should an organisation manage dealing with customers with special needs?


Q 7. How much authority should an organisation give to the frontline customer service representative employees to resolve complaints.





SCENARIO: You have to examine customer requirements from a business structure. If you are completing your Assessment on an activity in your own business, you must provide relevant marketing plan documents to your Assessor.


OBJECTIVE: You are required to examine the customer requirements as per following description of activities:

You will need to:

  1. Investigate, describe, and assess the requirements of customers in your organisational business plan (include a copy). If you are considering Bounce Fitness Corporate Marketing Plan, You should look at service in terms of timeliness, quality, and cost.
  2. Describe the plans that you would put in place to meet the customer requirements .
  3. List the quality standards that are, or should be, in place for your team to meet in terms of service.
  4. List how would you manage your team to ensure that they are able to consistently meet the required quality and delivery standards.
  5. List any additional support that will be required to ensure your customers’ requirements are met by the team.
  6. Develop strategies to monitor the progress in achieving the service targets and standards.
  7. Develop strategies to obtain customer feedback and ideas for improvement.
  8. Describe the procedures you would use to monitor quality service Provide examples of the types of data that you will require. In your answer you should refer to both managerial procedures and methods for gaining customer feedback.
  9. Mention the records that you would need to monitor and evaluate the success of your plan in the future. (In case you consider Bounce Fitness simulated business, then looking at the document templates available on the Bounce Fitness website, what additions could be made to enhance the customer experience?)