MGT502 Business Communication (Forming an Argument) Assessment Task


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  1. Write a critical argument up to a page on the topic selected in Assessment 1 Part A.


  1. Use the annotated bibliography resources from Assessment 1 Part A for sourcing evidence and ideas for your Review the resources critically and select at least 5 to be used as references for this assessment.


  1. Please consider the following factors, when forming the argument:
    • A good argument is convincing whereby the premises are acceptable, the supporting evidence is relevant to the claim and provides sufficient grounds for acceptance of the claim.
    • You will be expected to form an academic and financial argument in favour, or against, utilizing the communications solution in the modern workplace.
    • Make a clear point and justify it.


  1. Please structure your argument as follows:
  • Title page
  • Introduction: provide a short introduction with a claim.
  • Main body: with a logical structure including supporting evidence from academic sources.
  • Conclusion: a concise conclusion which restates your claim and summarises your argument.
  • References: please provide the reference list on a separate page.


  1. Please use at least 5 in-text Indicate logical connections and use connecting words


  1. You are strongly advised to read the rubric, which is an evaluation guide with criteria for grading your assignment—this will give you a clear picture of what a successful forming an argument looks like.



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