MBS663 Leading The Engaged Enterprise Role Play Assessment


Assignment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 2100


Assessment 3


Once you have constructed the narrative, sense makes your system: that is identify the stakeholders, their interests and their loyalties and name the game that is being currently played i.e. diagnose the adaptive challenge using William’s Typology. In so doing, identify the paradox that is driving the employee engagement barrier, and name the game that should be played.




Then, create a 5 minute role-play that communicates a snapshot of the paradox you are going to resolve and the level of employee engagement.


Finally, using concepts, tools and techniques from the course, prepare a presentation that analyses the key barrier to employee engagement and the adaptive challenge associated with this barrier. Describe, by developing the capabilities of the DLM, how you can enhance engagement (however you define it) and facilitate the resolution of paradox in the organisation. Remember, you are not solving ALL the problems of the organisation. You are solving one part of a much bigger jigsaw. Demonstrate how your part fits into the wider picture of engagement and paradox

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