MBA / MPA Managerial Economics Assignment Answer Help


Assignment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 5000




  1. This is to inform you all that our final examination for this Quarter will be composed of both theory and practical components.


  1. The practical component will be in form of a an empirical paper on any managerial economics topic (of your choice)


  1. The general distribution of marks will be as follows: 1) Carry marks = 40, 2) Practical paper = 30, 3) Theory exam = 30.


  1. The structure of the practical paper should be structured as follows:


  1. Introduction and motivation
  2. Objective of the study
  3. Literature review
  4. Methodology (theoretical & estimation method)
  5. Data
  6. Analysis and results
  7. Conclusion and policy implications


  1. Please note that your topic must keep within the scope of managerial economics (i.e. you should focus on a micro entity, such as a firm, organization / company, government department etc.). Do not suggest any topic requiring the use of macroeconomic data.



Managerial economics topic: Demand Theory


Project title: The impact of advertising on the demand for Roofings iron sheets.

Aim: This study empirically investigates the impact of promotional advertising on the demand for iron sheets made by Roofings Ltd.

Methodology: In this study, Ordinary Least Square (OLS) can be carried out to empirically investigate the extent to which advertising affects the demand for Roofings Iron sheets.


Qd = f (A, P, C)

The Theory says:

Qd = f (A, P, C,)

+, -,  –

Data: Collect data from Roofings Ltd, where: Qd is quantity demanded of iron sheets, A is advertising expenditure, P is the price of iron sheets, and C is level of competition.

Conduct analysis: Using OLS analysis (Educate yourself about regression analysis with SPSS)

Conclusion and Implications: Based on the results from analysis, make conclusion and recommendations from the study.


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