Management Principles Assignment Project Questions and Answers


Words – 3500





PROJECT                                                                                                                                                 [60 Marks]


Select a corporate business / organisation of your choice and with reference to relevant theory, perform the following tasks:



Answer ALL the questions in this section.


Identify and elaborate on the levels of management within the selected business in terms of time spent on management functions


(15 Marks)


Provide an evaluation of whether the selected business is an open or a close system and how a change in one sub-system can impact on the entire system

(15 Marks)


Using Porter Five Forces framework, perform a market analysis for the selected business. (one factor per each of the Five Forces framework element is required).

(15 Marks)


Using Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory, explain the main difference between hygiene factors and motivators. Identify five (5) for each, hygiene and motivators, within the context of the selected business.

(15 Marks)



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