MADS6602 HRM Assessment


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You are the HR Manager at Exciting Projects INC. (EPI). EPI is in the business of same day courier services, serving Metro Vancouver area since 2005. They have 20 owner operators working full time and 7 part time delivery drivers. Next month 2 full time drivers are retiring while 1 full time and 2 part time drivers have already submitted their resignations.


Their notice period would be ending on July 5th. Moreover, EPI expects a surge in demand in the coming months after the economy reopens after the lock down (due to Corona) that would also attract a lot of new workers in the market. Finding experienced & professional delivery drivers however had always been a challenge for EPI. EPI had been a good employer and had been rated in top 5 best employers last year in Lower Mainland in their category offering competitive pay package with benefits.


Part A: 15 marks you are the HR Manager at EPI. After carefully studying the job requirements (refer chapter designing & analyzing jobs) and keeping in mind, 4 steps of recruitment process chalk out a hiring plan. Develop an application form showing what information you would like to collect.


  1. Hiring Plan: 5 marks
  2. Writing the advertisement: 5 marks
  3. Application form: 5 Marks


For #1) I would like to see the following;


Step 1) Identify openings: How many drivers would you recruit (keeping the existing requirement and demand forecast)


Step 2) Determine job requirements


Step 3) Decide recruiting source


Step 4) how would you develop the pool of qualified recruits?


You need to decide where would you advertise? In local newspapers, job search portals etc. Or just a want Ad would do? Or both


Part B: 15 marks Now that you have received 800 applications you invited 500 applicants for interview after screening all applications. Review the following and advice;


  1. Would you put each applicant through any type of testing? If yes which all test/s would you choose and why? If no, give reasons. 6 marks
  2. Which interview technique would you suggest & why? 4 marks
  3. Prepare a checklist of preliminary questions that you would ask in the first round of interview (face to face or over the phone or even video calling) 5 marks