M094LON Singapore’s: Finance and Accounting Research


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Assignment Details:

  • Course Code: M094LON 
  • Course Title: Business Studies
  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Words Length: 65000
  • University: Coventry University
  • Country: GB



In Southeast Asia, Singapore has built a reputation in becoming the main fintech hub for new startups. This was an initiative under the government’s plan in becoming ‘The World First Smart Nation’ in five years. As of April 2020, there are 98 digital lending platforms in Singapore (Tracxn, 2020). SME has now shifted to digital lending platforms to acquire financing. Since SME can now obtain financing from digital platforms, the big question is “could it stimulate Singapore’s Economic Growth by creating more job opportunities and making more capital investment?” The purpose of this research is to understand how financial accessibility offered by digital lending platforms could stimulate economic growth.


Value of Research

This research will give a better understanding of the role of digital lending platforms in providing financial access for underserved SME. Besides, this study also aims to provide an overview of the importance of SME’s alternative financing. This research will provide an overview of how alternative financing could make a difference on SME’s productivity and growth. Finally, this research aims to study how SME’s alternative financing would affect Singapore’s economy.


Research Question

How Singapore’s economy is impacted as digital lending platforms provide financial access to underserved SME?


Research Objectives

1) To explain the role of digital lending platforms in providing financial accessibility for underserved SME.

2) To provide a theoretical theory on the importance of SME’s alternative financing.

3) To determine the effect of underserved SME’s financial accessibility towards the economy.


Literature Review

Theoretical Literature Review

Keynes Economic Review


The Keynesian theory focuses on aggregate demand. The general idea is that economy’s output level of goods and services is the sum of four components which are consumer spending, investment, government purchases, and net exports. Thus, any increase in these four components would increase demand. When there is demand, this shows that the economy is performing. This research will focus on consumption and investment. Consumption can change for a number of reasons which includes changes in wealth levels as well as income level. Investment can change based on SME perspectives on their expected profitability.