Lyft Case Study – Global Strategy Assignment Solutions


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  • Topic: Lyft Case Study – Global Strategy
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Lyft Case Study


Lyft has appointed you as a consultant, once the current coronavirus pandemic is over; the company is considering investing overseas in Southeast Asia as global expansion is perceived at this time to be a potentially important element of the company’s long-term strategic goals.


The country that Lyft is considering is Vietnam.

  1. Apply the PESTLE model to analyse the external environment facing that Lyft would face in Vietnam and identify the key external factors which would impact the company. (20%)
  2. Using Porter’s five forces framework, analyse the attractiveness of the industry in which Lyft operate. Pay specific attention to the attractiveness of the industry in Vietnam. (40%)
  3. Using the Integration–Responsiveness Grid, discuss which international strategy would be most appropriate for Lyft in Vietnam. (30%)


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