LML6003 Australia’s Visa System Assessment Questions and Answers


Assignment Details:-

  • Number of Words: 1100
  • Citation/Referencing Style: AGLC
  • Academic Standard Level: University, Graduate Diploma


LML6003 Migration Law



You are a registered migration agent and operate a busy and popular practice. You rely heavily on your client co-ordinator, Anna, to organise your consultations every day and to obtain some brief information about the clients you are scheduled to see. Anna has a very good way of eliciting information from the clients, ensuring they proceed with the booking, but she is careful to never provide any immigration assistance in the process.


You look at your calendar and you only have one appointment for today. You look at an email from Anna and it states the following:


Cheryl Lim from Singapore is coming into the office at 1pm today (please remember you have a CPD seminar from 12 noon to 1pm).


You may recall Cheryl as you helped her with obtaining a Student Class TU subclass 500 visa last year to complete a Bachelor of Laws at Victoria University. She has completed 6 months of this course. Cheryl completed the Graduate Diploma in Migration Law at Victoria University and decided at the time she wanted to pursue a law career.


Cheryl is coming into the office today and she wants to know whether she can change her course to a Certificate IV in Cookery instead at Swinburne University in light of her recent passion for cooking which she developed during the lockdown. I have attached her visa grant notice from her file.


You open up the visa grant notice and note that conditions 8105, 8202, 8501, 8516, 8517, 8532, 8533 and 8534 are attached to her visa. Her visa is valid until September 2023.



Prepare a checklist of issues, including visa options, that you would consider in advance of your meeting with Cheryl, based on the limited facts.


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