LML6002 Australian Migration Law Assignment Solution


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  • Topic : Graduate Diploma in Migration Law
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  • Subject: Law
  • Number of Words*: 1200
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  • Order Description: find the assignment 3 ( 1st assignment of lml 6002 module)


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Hans Meyer arrived in Australia from Germany two years ago on a Temporary Skill Shortage Class GK Subclass 482 visa, sponsored by his Australian employer. His wife, Frieda, and his three step-children accompanied him to Australia.


  1. What visa is it most likely that his wife and children were granted? Explain your answer, making sure to support your answer by reference to relevant provisions of the legislation.
  2. What condition(s) would be found on Hans’ visa?
  3. What condition(s) would be found on Frieda’s visa?


While in Australia, Hans committed several drug offences. He was arrested and charged. Hans did not have his passport taken from him. He managed to leave Australia before the charges were due to be heard in court next month. He left his wife and children in Australia.


Frieda comes to see you. She tells you that Hans’ employer is not yet aware he has left the country. However, she thinks that the Department of Home Affairs must know he has left Australia as he left through an international airport.


Frieda informs you that she does not want to return to Germany and to Hans, and would like to remain in Australia. She explains that over the past 6 months she has been in a relationship with another man and that she and the children are moving in with him next week.


Frieda is aware that because Hans left his employment, his visa could be cancelled by the Department of Home Affairs. She also understands the fact that if his visa is cancelled, her visa would also be cancelled. However, she has not received any notification about this yet.


  •   Outline the advice you would give Frieda about whether she and her children can make a valid application for a Partner Class UK/BS Subclass 820/801 visa in Australia. Be precise. 
  • Would your answer be different if Frieda informed you that she has now received notification that her visa has been cancelled? 


You must support your answers by reference to the specific legislative provisions.