International Marketing – Rolling out the Marketing Plan assignment answer


Assignment detail:

  • Words: 2500


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Unit Learning Outcomes

LO3 Debate how the elements of the marketing plan can be adapted or standardised across international markets

LO4 Present different international marketing approaches for multinational, global, transnational or meta-national contexts


Transferable skills and competencies developed

  • Develop a range of skills to articulate and express ideas in persuasive manner
  • Active listening skills to understand counterarguments and different perspectives
  • Cultural awareness and recognizing the impact of cultural differences on marketing strategies
  • Problem solving and negotiation skills
  • Research and Analytical skills


Vocational scenario

All the students are working in the international marketing department of Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company PLC and have been assigned to develop an international marketing plan which could be either adapted or standardized to promote in various countries.


In the world of tea, Dilmah Ceylon tea has made a name for itself as an icon of great quality and authenticity. Dilmah, renowned for its singular, single-origin approach, carefully chooses the finest tea leaves from Ceylon’s beautiful farms, which is Sri Lanka. Emphasizing its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, Dilmah’s marketing campaigns highlight the company’s dedication to supporting local communities and preserving the natural environment. Through its international marketing efforts, Dilmah has successfully positioned itself as a premium tea brand, resonating with tea connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. Dilmah has won the hearts of consumers all over the world with its steadfast commitment to producing tea that represents purity and true tea craftsmanship, making it the go-to option for anyone seeking an extraordinary tea-drinking experience that encompasses both purity and true tea craftsmanship.


Your role entails collaborating with other team members and conducting a meaningful discussion to explore different international marketing approaches that could be used in developing appropriate international marketing strategies.