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Question – Essay questions:

Please write an essay about one of the following topics:

1) Analyse a film (has to be available in English) in terms of identity.

To answer this question you need to find a film that lends itself to the analysis of an identity, type, for example class, gender or national identity. You need to focus on one or two types of identity only (e.g. national identity in ‘Lost in Translation’) and exemplify your ideas by referring to signs and symbols and by pointing out stereotypes used in the film. Discuss key scenes to explain how (national) identity is being used to create meaning.

2) Culture Shock and Intercultural

Competence Analyse how identity is affecte d by cultural transition and outline the communicative processes that accompany such changes. Can intercultural competence change the way people experience intercultural transitions? If so, what kinds of knowledge and skills are needed and how can they be acquired? You may want to refer to the work of Ting-Toomey, Gudykunst, and Collier.


3) Power and language

Identify how power relations are determined in intercultural work settings. Concentrate on the impact language has on the power relations within a workplace and focus on the role of intercultural communication skills that can be used to avoid conflict. To answer this question, look for examples of conflict in intercultural work environments. You may want to refer to the work of Foucault, Ting Toomey, Coleman, Deutsch, Gudykunst, Fisher-Yoshida.


4) Identity and power

Choose two current leading politicians in the world and analyse how their identities shape the way their countries are perceived by others, how power relations are influenced and how communication processes are affected by the way they are presented in the media.


To answer this question, pick two personalities you find interesting and do some research on them. Look at what they stand for, but also what they look like, how they communicate (verbal and non-verbal) and give some examples of how they are represented in the media. You will not be able to cover everything, so concentrate on the concepts of identity and power and back up your ideas with findings from the readings/research.