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Intercontinental hotel has over 200 hotels in 75 countries. Intercontinental is known for its luxurious rooms and buildings and for the high quality of its staff training. The hotels are not the standardized, but they reflect local styles and circumstances. For example, the Intercontinental in Lusaka, Zambia has a dining room which is open to the gardens and swimming pool on one side so the guests effectively eat in the open air. This would obviously be impossible in a colder climate, but guests enjoy the tropical atmosphere and the hotel is often used for business meetings as a result.




Intercontinental provides up-market accommodation for international travelers. The bulk of the guests are business people so the hotels provide excellent business facilities, including meeting rooms, conference centers, secretarial services, fax machines, internet facilities and a concierge desk. For people staying at these hotels, cost is very much less important than the level of service comfort. A busy executive who is recovering from a 10 hour flight and a 5 hour time difference may still need to make several urgent phone calls, check emails and find a good local restaurant for dinner with a client the following night. Intercontinental is skillful at meeting all these needs.


Intercontinental provides a reassuring familiarity coupled with a local flavor for business and leisure travelers. Known that an Intercontinental hotel is available in the destination country is reassuring for people who have a great deal more urgent matters on their mind than researching hotels in foreign countries


1 Produce 2 marketing objectives for Intercontinental?


2 Conduct SWOT analysis for Intercontinental?


3 Mention an appropriate generic strategy for Intercontinental to hit its competitors?


4 Explains the ways in which Intercontinental can segment its leisure market?


5 Select 2 sales promotional tools that Intercontinental can use with the end users?


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