Individual Strategic Planning Project Analysis

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Assignment Details:

  • Words: 3000


This assignment focuses on the strategic analysis of a company, business or organization of your choice. This organization or company should be located in a Caribbean country. Do NOT use a company or organization from the Internet. For your chosen company, you are required to analyse the strategic planning management processes and approaches used by the organization to maintain or improve its strategic viability within its competitive industry and environment. The assignment will require you to apply strategic management tools including SWOT analysis and the Balanced Scorecard approach recommended by Kaplan and Norton.




Your Strategic Planning Project should be done in accordance with the following guidelines.


  1. A professional cover page that conforms to APA guidelines.
  2. A table of contents
  3. An executive summary.




Your environmental analysis should contain the following:


  1. An overview of the company and its background. (5 Marks)
  2. An analysis of its industry and its competitive environment. (5 Marks)
  3. A presentation and analysis of its mission and core purposes (5 marks)
  4. A presentation and analysis of its vision and major goals. (5Marks)




Prepare a SWOT analysis of the organization using a SWOT Matrix. The SWOT should be done in point form.


  1. Based on your SWOT Matrix, critically assess and discuss your company’s capabilities including its financial performance. (10 Marks)
  2. Assess your company’s position in the external environment. (10 Marks)
  3. Identify and discuss any competitive advantages or disadvantages based on your internal and external analysis. (10 Marks)




Based on your analysis from Section 1 and 2, you are asked by the CEO of the organization to conduct a strategic performance analysis of the organization in the context of the current economic and competitive situation. You decide to apply the techniques embedded in the Balanced Scorecard and Strategy mapping advocated by Kaplan and Norton. You will proceed as follows:


3a. Strategy Analysis and Balanced Scorecard (15 Marks)

    1.  Prepare a Strategy map for your chosen organization. For the strategy map, you will identify three strategic objectives/goals for EACH of the four balanced scorecard perspectives (financial perspective, customer perspective, internal perspective, and learning & growth perspective. (9 Marks)
    2. Identify the key linkages (use of arrows on diagram to show cause and effect relationships) among the strategic objectives/goals and how they contribute to the company’s overall mission and vision. This must be demonstrated in the Strategy Map diagram accompanied by key explanations below the diagram. (6 Marks)


3b. Measures, targets & Initiatives (15 Marks) (5 marks each for the measures, targets and initiatives)

You will now complete your balanced scorecard by adding a number of measures, targets and initiatives. (Measures are used to track organizational performance. Targets are the desired level of performance for each measure. Strategic Initiatives are projects that help the organization reach its targets). These can be presented in tabular form.


For each strategic objective/goal from your strategy map above, indicate the measure (performance indicator) you would use to monitor the company’s progress in achieving the objectives/goals listed. Provide targets for each measure and indicate the corresponding initiatives or projects that your organization will implement to meet its targets.


3c. Provide a detailed explanation of your strategy map and balanced scorecard that shows how your organization will be successful in implementing its overall strategy. (10 Marks)


Section 4 – REFLECTIVE ANALYSIS (10 Marks)


The balanced scorecard approach to performance measurement is not always the most useful to measure performance for an organization. Using supporting evidence, discuss the validity of this statement.




What recommendations can be made to improve the overall wellbeing of this organization?

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