Global Business Management Assessment Answers


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Assessment Details:-

  • Course Title: Global Business Management
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 1500
  • University: Centennial College
  • Country: CA


Assessment Task:-


You are required to write a research paper for this assignment. The topic for you to work on is how Canadian businesses need to adjust to and utilize an ever-changing global business environment and to excel in this environment. Your paper should include four major discussions:


Part 1: From both the institution-based view and the resource-based view, conduct an analysis of the present global business environment and its impact on Canadian businesses, including both opportunities and challenges that are offered by such an environment.


Part 2: Use examples to explain how Canadian businesses have reacted to the above environment. How do you evaluate their responses?


Part 3: Drawn from successful business cases worldwide, what acquiring tools and strategies should be adopted by Canadian businesses in terms of their global entry or expansion?


Part 4: What recommendations do you want to make for Canadian businesses to build functional excellence on a global basis? The above four discussions are required for your paper, but you are not limited to them only. You can add to this list and initiate other relevant discussions. You are NOT supposed to copy the above discussion topics, pasted them in your paper, and then answer them as questions. You NEED to create title and subtitles for your paper.