GBU100 Professional Business Communication Assignment Task


GBU100 Professional Business Communication



This assignment gives your opportunity to:

  • Formulate your understanding of communication theories and models
  • Synthesize your reading of the relevant literature into a coherent discussion
  • Apply theories in explaining your experience in your familiar context



Reflecting on your personal experience as a user of language(s) as well as a member of some cultures and an outsider to others, how have you experienced the influence of culture on your own productive or receptive use of language? Describe a specific example or aspect of your experience and explain it using some of the concepts of theories you have encountered in the reading and lecture materials.



1200-1500 words (not including the reference list)



  • Provide relevant experience to the suggested cultural factors
  • Provide coherent discussions and explanations of mentioned concepts (including the use of theory)
  • Demonstrate:
    • A clear understanding of the key concepts raised in the assignment task
    • An understanding of relevant literature
    • An ability to use the concepts in description and explanation of a specific context, and the social activity in that context
  • Writing – accuracy, clarity, organization, referencing


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