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PART A – WORKPLACE SUSTAINABILITY 5 Questions + 1 Case Study [25 Marks]

PART B – ETHICAL FRAMEWORKS 5 Questions + 1 Case Study [25 Marks]




Question A1


Business organisations are expected to develop and implement sustainability policies. Policy scope refers to the people or actions to which a policy applies. List 5 items that might be covered in the scope of a sustainability policy.


Question A2


List at least 6 key elements that should be included in an organisation’s sustainability policy (eg. timeframes).


Question A3


Explain continuous improvement and how it would apply to a sustainability policy.


Question A4


List 3 ways you, as a manager, could support the implementation of a sustainability policy (eg. employee rewards).


Question A5


  1. List 6 potential barriers to implementing sustainability polices
  2. List 3 strategies to overcome them.


Question A6


Workplace Sustainability Policy Case Study


Task:    Prepare one workplace sustainability policy with supporting procedures. There are 3 parts to this Task indicated by A Plan, B Implement, C Create below.


Your topic can incorporate economic sustainability, social sustainability or environmental sustainability or a combination of these.


Create your answer as a Word document which follows the instructions below.

You must provide an answer for each Task.

Your layout can be in the form of a guide (for others to follow) or as an internal procedure which headings and itemised points. You should ensure you following the structural guidelines provided for you in the Course Learning Guide topic on Sustainability.


  1. Task A – Outline your understanding of how you would prepare and plan for the 1) development and 2) implementation of one significant sustainability policy and with supporting procedures for your business (or proposed business).
  2. Task B – Outline how you will implement the new policy or procedure within the business’s wider policies and procedures. That is, your new policy will be one of possibly many existing policies that are already in place. How do you envisage your workplace sustainability policy will fit alongside other policies covering for example compliance procedures and policies. You should also incorporate how you will engage with relevant
  3. Task C Create the policy including the numbered topics


Your policy document should be for a business which is finance in nature eg. mortgage broking.


Please incorporate all of the points below into your policy. Length should be more than 500 words ie. more than one typed page. Note, if you are in, or propose to be in, a sole trader business or working within a structure that has their own business plan, then not all of the points may be applicable to you however you must cover them in your assignment. Simply say after the point “may not be applicable to my business” however most points should be.


Additional assistance:


  • We provide a document about Sustainability in Business in Appendix k
  • You can utilise the internet to assist with your


Points to Cover:


  1. Define scope and objectives of your sustainability policy – what you want to achieve. IMPORTANT: Your policy must include reference to the broad approach of Triple Bottom Line principles: minimising negative social, environmental, and economic impacts and/or creating positive outcomes in these areas.
  2. Gather information from a range of sources to plan, develop and implement your policy and list those
  3. Make note of Australian and international standards relating to corporate sustainability, along with any relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice applicable to the
  4. What are the timeframes and anticipated costs to develop and implement your policy (you may estimate; you do not need to research specific costs or timeframes).
  5. Activities are the specific actions to achieve goals. What activities are to be undertaken to support your policy scope?
  6. Who will do what, that is, what are the assigned responsibilities?
  7. What are the performance indicators of success (KPIs)? Research on the internet if you are not familiar with KPIs.
  8. Outline record keeping, reviews and improvement processes within the sustainability policy and For example, how is the policy documented; are there regular audit time frames and improvement evaluations.
  9. How will you engage relevant stakeholders in policy development, implementation and towards continuous improvement? Ensure you include a list of stakeholders (and their roles) that you believe would be relevant and how they might assist:
  10. With development
  11. With implementation
  12. Make reference to common sustainability issues with organisational systems and The course unit will assist you.
  13. Finally, provide 2 suggestions on how a workplace sustainability policy may be able to be improved in the future (ie. what would need to change for an improvement to be appropriate).




Question B1


Name 3 examples of legislation that sets minimum standards of conduct for a Finance Broker running their own business.

Question B2


In 3-4 sentences, describe how ethics differs from the law.


Question B3


What is an ethical dilemma and give an example you may encounter as a broker?


Question B4


List 3 ways a person could prevent their own biases and psychological tendencies from impacting negatively when making an ethical decision


Question B5


List 3 potential Organisational Barriers and 3 actions an organisation could take to overcome them.


Question B6

Ethical Decision Making Case Study


Task:    Provide evidence of your ability to apply an ethical decision-making framework to a workplace ethical situation and determine an appropriate response..


For the purposes of this exercise, we are not asking what you would do in this situation, but rather what options this broker could take and why.


Scenario overleaf:



Mark is a Finance Broker, assisting his clients, Stephen and Vivien Lee in the purchase of a Sydney CBD apartment. Stephen is a long-term client of Mark, who has provided credit assistance in relation to financing vehicles for Stephen’s car rental franchise. Vivien works as a manager in her sister’s restaurant. Mark has only met Vivien once before. At that first meeting, Vivien made a good first impression and Stephen considers her trustworthy.

Both Stephen and Vivien’s incomes were required to service the new loan. After submitting the loan, while tidying up the hardcopy documents the Lees had provided him, Mark notices something odd with the payslips from Vivien’s job. Mark believes the payslips are fraudulent.

The loan has been submitted, (it has not yet been approved), and Mark believes, from the bank statements provided, there is sufficient income to service the loan.

Mark wonders what he should do.


Using this scenario provided, apply an ethical framework, in written form, incorporating the 8 points listed below. Length to be approximately 500 words, ie. approximately one typed page.


  1. What are the facts?


  1. What are the potential biases or psychological tendencies that may affect the broker’s response to the situation?


  1. What, if any, are the legal, regulatory or codes or practice at issue?


  1. Who are the affected stakeholders and what impact would this have if no action were taken? And, if action is taken?


  1. What are the ethical principles at stake?


  1. What interpersonal skills might the broker need to employ to support a positive outcome?


  1. Should broker decide to take no action, what reasons and/or rationalisations might he make to justify his decision.


  1. What could be done differently in future similar situations, including:
    1. Individual actions (by the broker)
    2. Organisational policies and practices


Mandatory Feedback Questionnaire


Provided next is a questionnaire which forms part of your personal assessment of this course. This questionnaire is an AQTF stand-alone document which is separated from your assessment once received by NFI. Only your responses are input into the Department of Education & Training’s statistical website – NO NAMES NOR TRACKING OF RESPONSES IS REQUIRED BY THE DEPARTMENT.


Please return the completed, double-sided questionnaire provided, returning at the same time as your Assessment submission by either uploading or emailing.


We thank you for your co-operation with this Departmental requirement.


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