Final Project Natural Language Processing Assignment


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Assignment Details:

  • Words: 5000


The final work of NLP allows the student to apply all the knowledge acquired during the course, in addition to expanding and consolidating the information.


The subjects to work are of free choice, depending on the needs of each student and the chosen cases. It is important that this work is of maximum utility, so the subject must be chosen thoroughly to be enriching and profitable for the personal and/or professional life of the student.




  1. Choice of subject/topic: Detect a real situation in which you are insecure, have a sense of blockage or inability to manage or cope with it normally. A situation in which you want to improve your current state and produce a positive change to improve it is also valid.


  • The orientation of the work is internal, that is to say, the student is at the same time the guide and the explorer.


    1. Choose a topic to address among the following:
    • Communication
    • Leadership
    • Achievement of objectives in the workplace
    • Conflict management
    • Scared of speaking in public
    • Work stress


Each of these concepts is very extensive, and encompasses a wide range of possibilities, it is essential that the chosen problem is related to one of these topics.


  • Justify in detail the reasons for the election.


  • Define the problem


  • Make a theoretical approach to the topic you have chosen.


2. Define the Present State (PS) and the Desired State (DS): You must briefly define in a visual way the Present State or Problem State and the Desired State.


3. Define the goals:


  • Formulate a main goal and three secondary goals: It is time to operationalize the problem and define the goals you want to achieve.


  • Elaborate a table with the POPSERS strategies: Once you have formulated the goals, make sure they are optimal with the help of this tool, which you can find in Module 2. Elaborate a table and solve all the questions that are posed in each one of the items (Positive, Own Part, Specificity, Evidence, Resources, Size).


  • Case study: You must carry out the intervention through the techniques learned during the course in practical sessions. In the resolution of the case it must be seen how the desired state has been reached, in an orderly, coherent way, step by step.


a) Choose at least 4 NLP techniques:


  •  Theoretical Development of the Technique
  • Justification of the election


b) Action Plan: design an action plan to achieve the objectives you have set, defining:


  • Nº of sessions
  • Duration of the sessions
  • Schedule


 c) Practical application:

  •  Technical explanation of the application
  • Keeping a diary