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Assignment Details:

  • Words: 3000


Elephant is a company dedicated to the sale and distribution of wine with Designation of Origin Ribera del Duero. It was founded in 1999 and since then its sales have been increasing.

Elephant (fictitious company), has a high quality product, has won some prizes and aims to become a reference for the younger consumers.


The company has created an online sales platform and proposes a new sales strategy, based on the online channel to reach a wider market share and surpass the reach of its stores to the virtual experience.




Preparation of the Marketing Plan for Elephant’s proposal, presenting the strategy and actions that will form the implementation route of the online business in the Spanish market.


  1. Analysis of the external situation.


  • It will be necessary to research the Spanish market in relation to the wine sector and an analysis of its competence.
  • In addition, a study of electronic commerce in Spain will be necessary.


      2. Analysis of the internal situation.


  • Identify the target audience and the different customer segments and their positioning.
  • SWOT analysis to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the company, and the opportunities and threats from abroad.


3. Specify the goals alignedwith the business proposal to expand to a new sales channel.


4. Prepare and select the strategies that will serve as a route for implementing an online business in the market. You must include the different tactics of the Marketing-Mix and concoct the action plan to follow.


5. Propose a detailed schedule and timing for each action.


6. Write a detailed elaboration of the budget of the necessary actions to implement the proposal.


7. Define which measurement and control methods will be used to determine whether the proposed actions and activities are beneficial to the company or not. Justify the use of these tools.