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Complete the following sentences:


  • A crisis, typically considered to be a negative issue, can be a positive transformational event in the life of a business firm …   (2)
  • The crisis management paradigm that is the foundation for this case analysis focuses on four stages of a crisis: … (4)
  • It was concluded that Nokia is now in a very difficult position regarding Apple …   (2)
  • Once a crisis has passed through the threshold of preliminary recognition and action, it is much more difficult to seize and effectively act upon, and thus…   (2)



According to the article,”mobile phone manufacturers, as well as all other types of organizations are affected by many difficult issues including changes in technology, competitors, marketing alliances, new market products, availability of resources, corporate acquisitions, government regulations and a variety of other crisis and crisis-like events not generally associated with normal on-going operations”.



Corporate Renewal and Turnaround are crucial for a business such as Nokia. Suppose you were hired to become the new chief executive officer (CEO) for Nokia.

3.1 Explain the meaning of Corporate Renewal and Turnaround. (2)

3.2 Describe the value of business process reengineering at Nokia. (3)

3.3 Discuss any five (5) strategies and/or actions that you would use to bring about Corporate Renewal and Turnaround at Nokia. Give relevant examples. (15)



According to the journal article, Nokia was a pioneer in the development of mobile phones. In 1992, Nokia introduced the first global system for mobile handsets.”

Discuss the strategy that was used by Nokia to become the world leader in manufacturing and sales of mobile phones.



One way of keeping a firm afloat is to integrate crisis management with organizational development.


5.1 In your opinion, did Nokia integrate crisis management with organizational development? Support your opinion.  (3)

5.2 According to the journal article,” A crisis in a consumer electronics firm can consist of as many as four different and distinct phases, although the duration and intensity of each phase is not likely to be the same (Darling, 1994)”.

Write a summary of the phases of crisis management as it relates to Nokia and Apple not more than five hundred (500 words)(6)

5.3 Critically discuss any three (3) organizational development strategies that would have prevented the fall of Nokia. Use some relevant theories/frameworks to support your discussion.  (21)