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ESERMUG Temperature Controlled


Task 1

Find a new product on Indiegogo, Kickstarter or similar website with limited Marketing initiatives.

Tip: It is beneficial for you if the product you select has a reasonable amount of information e.g. proposed price, product details etc. This will help you with task 2.


Task 2

Once you have decided on your product you should carry out an audit of the operating environment, researching the product, sector and environment.

Tip: You should consider the opportunities and challenges your product may face, these could include (but are not limited to) rivals, distribution, market demand etc.


Things to consider:

  • Analyse how your product captures and demonstrates value.
  • Is your product truly innovative or is it just a slight variation of an existing product?
  • How does it differentiate itself from the rivals?

You should focus on the theories and concepts we have explored during the module.


Task 3

Following your analysis of the product and the environment make evidenced and theory-based recommendations on the future marketing direction and decisions of the company.

Tip: This might include areas such as the name, pricing strategy, target market, advertising and supplying decisions.


Executive summary

List of Tables & Figures


Task 1 VALUE


1. Introduction

1.1 Brand competition

1.2 Market size

1.3 Consumer Behaviour

1.4 Competitor analysis

1.5 Pricing and Profitability


Task 2 Analysis


2. SWOT and PESTEL Analysis

2.1 SWOT Analysis

2.2 PESTEL Analysis


Task 3: Theory-based recommendations


3. Quantification of Opportunities by setting objectives

4. Strategy development and critical justifications

4.1 Segmentation

Advantages of segmentation to the company

4.2 Targeting

4.3 Positioning

4.4 Strategies to meet the unmet needs of the customers in the market

5. Develop execution plan and marketing budget

5.1 Execution Plan

5.2 Marketing Budget

5.3 Expected sales volume forecast

5.4 Project financial statement

6. Identification of KPI to the company &the performance management system

6.1 KPI

6.2 Performance management plan for the company


  1. Improve the buying process. Value can exist outside your product or service
  2. Focus on brand perception
  3. Get customer feedback
  4. Make a unique product
  5. Provide a positive experience
  6. Prioritize quality over price
  7. Identify your strengths
  8. Adjust your marketing strategy


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