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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles : Open
  • Course Code: EPHLTH370
  • Course Title: science for nursing and midwifery
  • Words: 1200
  • University: The University of Newcastle
  • Country: AU



Topic: Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Task Description: You will research your disease and present your findings to two audiences:

A group of doctors and nurses, and A group of patients and patients’ carers.

The information you need to present to both audiences will be based upon scientific knowledge referenced from appropriate books, journal and websites. As a nurse, you will have to educate patients on how to care for themselves in relation to specific diseases. You will need to be able to communicate scientific information in a way that can be understood by patients with very little or no scientific background.


For each audience you will need to:

Provide a description of the disease you are presenting, including signs and symptoms of the disease,

Discuss the cause/s of the disease, including specific details of the body cell, cell structure, body system or body systems involved in the disease, and

Discuss the treatment options and long term implications (morbidity and/or mortality rate) of the disease.



Section 1:

In Section 1, you will be presenting information about your disease to a panel of doctors and nurses for the points listed in the ‘Task Description’ above. The language you use will be formal and technical. For example, you will use medical terminology to describe your disease’s signs and symptoms.

Any information presented in Section 1 will need to be paraphrased and referenced correctly.


Section 2:

In Section 2, you will be presenting the information about your disease from Section 1 to a patient and their relatives/carers. You will need to use everyday language to describe the disease to your patient and their carers’. The language in this section will be very different to the language you used for Section 1. To write this section well, you must have a comprehensive understanding of your disease and how it affects cell structure and function and the relevant body system/s. In this section you will demonstrate your level of understanding of the disease, and the scientific principles underpinning it.


Section 3:

Using Gibbs Reflective Cycle, write a reflection on your experience of researching and completing this assessment item, identifying areas you could improve and develop in your future studies. Reflective practice is important for nurses and midwives. It allows them to continually assess and improve their practice.