Employees cannot be held legally responsible for an environmental violation.


A True
B) False​


Answer: This is False​ in terms of whether an employee can be held legally accountable for environmental infractions.


Environmental Offenses


These are offenses against the laws currently in place regarding the environment.

Apply to both those who made the commitment and those who willfully choose to overlook the offense.

This means that if an employee discovers that a business is in charge of environmental infractions and does nothing about it, they may also be held legally liable for the infraction.

To sum up, this is accurate.  The employer may be held accountable if an employee violates the Code during the course of employment. This relates to discriminatory activity under section 46.3 of the Code, not nuisance situations. According to the Code’s “vicarious liability” delivery, Even if the employer was unaware of the biased behavior or did not support it, they can still be in charge.


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