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You have been appointed as a database developer for Mahrud Bees. The company have recently set up a new business and it currently keeps bees. The bees produce honey, pollen and royal jelly and the bee keeper also raises “queen bees” to sell to other bee farms. Mahrud Bees produces honey to sell, alongside facial products made from the royal jelly that is produced by the bees. The owner has asked you to design and build an advanced relational database that will allow the bee keeper to record details of:

  • the bees
  • the queens
  • customers
  • staff
  • orders
  • payments
  • products
  • suppliers

Activity 1

Using the information you have been provided with and some additional external research, plan and produce a design for a complex relational database based on a response to the client brief. Normalise the data to 3rd normal form.

Produce design documentation in response to the client brief ensuring this shows the design of the tables, indexes and constraints, SQL queries, forms, macro and security measures.

LO2 Assessment criteria, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

Activity 2

Your designs have been approved by the owner of Mahrud Bees. Implement the database using the designs you have created in activity 1. Ensure that your database includes all the features you designed in activity one plus a suitable graphical user interface.

LO3 Assessment criteria 3.1, 3.2

Activity 3

Now that the database has been implemented it needs to be tested. Explain the different testing methods that could be used to test the database and produce a test plan which identifies the tests to be carried out. This should include testing of extreme data and error handling.

Use the test plan and carry out the tests. Produce screen shot evidence to show the tests that have been carried out and explain any errors that need to be resolved.

Amend the database based on the testing. LO3 Assessment criteria 3.3

Activity 4

Now that the database has been designed, implemented and tested reflect on the process. Produce a report which:

  • critically evaluates the design process and documentation that was produced for Mahrud Bees database identifying improvements with the design documentation where appropriate
  • reviews the database implementation process and explain what was successful and what you would do differently if you were to do this again
  • evaluates the role of databases within Mahrud Bees. Compare this with how larger organisations use databases
  • explains how Mahrud Bees can connect the database to other applications that it may use within the business
  • recommends to Mahrud Bees a database management system they can use to maintain the database you have created

LO4 Assessment criteria 4.1, 4.2

LO1 Assessment criteria 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4


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