COUN 76 Co-Occurring Addiction and Mental Health Problems


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Assignment Details:-

  • Course Code: COUN 76
  • Course Title: Concurrent Disorder Cyc
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 1750
  • University: Fleming College
  • Country: CA







To apply and support the use of DBI and other therapeutic skills effectively to a proficient novice level and begin to identify strengths in attuned communication. Students will use aspects of Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP) as a way to develop critical thinking of their communication skills and self-awareness.






Students will record a 15-minute video recording of themselves and a peer, highlighting the use of DBI practice/skills and reflecting on their demonstration of attuned interactions.


The focus of this enactment is about the ability for practitioners to meet the client where they are at and provide constructive practices based on theoretical knowledge and skills.



Students will be marked on the following criteria (please see rubric for in-depth marking scheme):

  • Effective application of two DBI practices/skills/models (in their reflection students must identify the purpose behind the chosen DBI approach and support this with references).
  • Effectively identifying where the client is in a theory of change model (in their reflection, however, this must be identified in session in order to effectively apply strategies) and applying appropriate therapeutic skills to assist them.
  • Using effective therapeutic engagement and attuned interactions, identifying these strengths of communication in your written submission.