Company Spring Law Assessment Task


Assignment Detail:-

  • Number of Words: 1000


Themba lives in Clarendon Jamaica; he is a shareholder of electro Tech Limited. Themba received notice of an annual general meeting of Electro Tech Limited to be held in Port of Spain, Trinidad. He cannot attend the meeting on that day, but feels strongly about certain of the proposed resolutions set out in the notice of the meeting, and wants to express his views on these matters to the board of directors. Themba also wishes to vote against certain of the resolutions which the company proposed to pass.



Themba has asked you to send him a video in which you advise him how he could exercise his right to vote and to express his views at the annual general meeting of Electro Tech Limited even though he cannot attend the meeting.


  1. Design a video using a law case to be sent to Themba giving him legal advice. 20mks


Video Rubric

  • Clarity of voice 2mks
  • Use of Appropriate law case in your 10mks
  • Organization of the video 2mks
  • Use of English/grammar / pronunciation 2mks
  • Creativity 2mks
  • Overall presentation 2mks


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