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This assessment task consists of nineteen (19) written short answer questions.


1. Where would you find information about the legal requirements of your role? List three (3) sources.


2. Provide three (3) examples of how you meet your duty of care when working with clients.


3. Provide three (3) examples of how an organization protects client information.


4. If you had concerns about a co-workers legal or ethical conduct, who would you report this to?


5. What is your responsibility if a client tells you they want to make a formal complaint about the services they are receiving?


6. a) According to work health and safety legislation, list three (3) responsibilities you have in the workplace?

b) List two (2) possible consequences if you do not meet your duty of care to ensure work health and safety protocols are followed?


7. In your own words, explain why continuing professional development is important?


8. If you attend a training event where new information was received, how could you share this with your colleagues and supervisors?


9. In your own words, explain why it is important not to impose your own values onto clients when working with them?


10. How do you problem solve a situation if the client’s values conflict with your own values. For example, you have been asked to support a client with his weekly outing of lunch and a beer at the hotel where he likes to spend $20 on the pokies, but you are strongly opposed to both drinking and gambling.


11. a) In your own words, describe what discrimination is.

b) Provide two (2) examples of discrimination that could occur in the workplace.


12. Describe the process of gaining informed consent and why this is necessary.


13. Give a brief explanation of the Serious Incident Response Scheme and provide two examples of incidents that you are required to report in the workplace.


14. For this question you will need to consult standards relevant for your industry. (National Standards for Disability Services or Aged Care Quality Standards).

Choose two (2) chosen standards.

Write the name of each standard and provide an example of how each standard influences your work role.


15. Your client asks you out on a date. How would you respond and why?


16. As a staff member in the community services sector you must work within legislation relevant to the sector and the ethical guidelines established by your organisation. In the below situations, tick whether this is UNETHICAL or ILLEGAL and state a reason why.


Situation Unethical Legal concern
Joan is an older worker and has applied for a position as an activities coordinator in the same organisation where she currently works. She is told she was not successful as the position is suited to a much younger person
Explain your answer
John is a personal carer but doesn’t like showering residents with dementia. On the early shift today, John talks another worker into doing his showers for him
Explain your answer
Sara feels sorry for Mrs Gordon as she lives on her own. She offers to come around on the weekends to help her out and keep her company
Explain your answer
A day outing is being organised for clients. The staff exclude Abdul as they think it is too difficult to work around his prayer times and that he probably wouldn’t want to go anyway
Explain your answer


17. Provide an example of a possible consequence to the organisation in the following situations.

Situation 1.

An organisation has not implemented the new practice standards as per the required timeline e.g. NDIS Practice Standards January 2020 or Aged Care Quality Standards July 2019.


Situation 2.

Golden Acres is advertising in Seek and Indeed for male staff between the ages of 25 and 30.


Situation 3.

A large national electrical store has posted a letter to all the employees of Living Life, congratulating them on choosing to work in the community services sector and offering them a 20% discount on their next purchase.


18. Provide an example of a possible consequence to a staff member in the following situations.

Situation 1. 

Katie has been experiencing relationship issues at home. You’ve noticed the last few shifts that you’ve worked with her, the scent of alcohol on her breath. This morning she has been lethargic and short tempered.  When she returns from a quick break, her attitude has changed. She is outgoing, happy and energetic; with a strong smell of alcohol around her.


Situation 2.

Phillip and Jenny work well together, always seem to coast through a shift with all tasks completed. As you approach Wilma’s room with the Hoist, Jenny and Phillip walk out of the room stating “Oh its ok, we’ve already put her in bed”.


19. Provide an example of a possible consequence to the service user in the following situations

Situation 1.

The support worker brings their very cute and friendly eight-year-old child to work with them today.


Situation 2.

Suzanne lodged a formal complaint with the Service Manager last month. Today she was informed of the outcome –


Dear Suzanne, 

We appreciate consumers providing feedback on staff and service delivery. To address your concerns, we have spoken directly to the staff member and informed them of your feelings that you are not happy with the support they are providing. Please contact us again if the quality of care does not improve.”


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