BUSM4593 – Employment Relations from a Global Perspective

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BUSM4593 - Employment Relations


Assignment Details:

  • Words: 2500




This assessment is an individual assignment and asks you to develop an ER strategy for a large retail coffee company, evaluating alternative strategies within the context of a national ER system.


Course learning outcomes


This assessment is related to CLOs 1,2, 3 and 4


CLO 1 Articulate and apply key global theories and concepts of employment relations relevant to companies
CLO 2 Compare and contrast employment relations theories, and practices to contribute to workplaces
CLO 3 Critically analyse the implications of employment relations models to formulate strategic practices appropriate to organisations.
CLO 4 Evaluate the influence of stakeholders and policies on international employment relations, to develop relevant organisational policies and practices.


Assessment Details


The Scenario


You are a member of the Senior Employment Relations Team at Starbucks, the largest coffee chain in the world. You are headquartered in Seattle, Washington. In the past, Starbucks has generally resisted unionisation, particularly in the USA. But in the wake of the Biden administration election and the COVID-19 related shocks to the economy, (which have seen workers quitting in record numbers and organisations struggling to find staff), employees have been afforded new leverage. Indeed, labour unrest in the company is growing and Starbucks’s workers in NY are currently seeking to unionize the company.


As the fall-out from Covid 19 continues, your boss, the HR Director, is very concerned about the growing unrest in the USA and other countries where Starbucks operate, such as in South-East Asia and Europe. She has asked your team to write a report providing two alternative ER strategies that would sustain Starbucks, performance while minimising labour unrest in one of the following countries: the USA, South Korea or Japan.


Assessment task: Report to the Director


To write a report with:


  1. A discussion of two alternative ER strategies based on different models of the employment relationship:


  • one based on a unitarist,


  • and the other on a pluralist model;


  1. From both perspectives you need to discuss how management should approach their relationships with employees and unions.


  1. The recommendation, given the scenario and the selected national ER system, of which ER model (unitarism or pluralism) you choose to inform the strategy;


  1. Critical analysis of why you think this ER model is the most appropriate for this scenario in the specific national context of the Starbucks operation. In other words, what are the potential advantages/disadvantages or benefits/risks to the company of each of the two models?


You must include at least 10 quality references in your report (academic, reputable consulting company or law firm recent reports). Some very useful scholarly references include:


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South Korea


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