Business Values & Ethics Case Study Assignment Solutions


Assignment Details:-

  • Number of Words: 3000


Business Values & Ethics


Read the case study: Wang, L. and Snell, R. S. (2013). A case study of ethical issue at Gucci in Shenzhen, China. Asian Journal of Business Ethics. Vol. 2. pp. 173-183. URL =


You have been called in by Gucci at act as a consultant to deal with the major ethical issues highlighted by the case study. Write a 3,000 word for Gucci which addresses the following requirements:


  1. What are the ethical issues being faced by Gucci. Apply any two of these approaches to business ethics:
    • Utilitarian
    • Universalism (Deontology)
    • Virtue ssues
    • Justice

After an evaluation of the approaches mentioned above, and the potential ethical issue (s) what decisions would you make? Justify your answer using business ethics concepts.


  1. Evaluate the organizational culture at Gucci and its preparedness for implement new Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.


  1. Design the implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility Program at Gucci.


  1. How can issues of corporate governance be examined from an ethical perspective? Illustrate your answer with relevant examples.


  1. Evaluate how the strategy of Gucci can be driven or constrained by ethical behaviors and corporate values.


  1. Write a conclusion and an introduction to the report.


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