Case Study and Swim Lane Diagram on Football


Words: 1000


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  1. Choose a process of your own organization (or a Case Study). The chosen process should be interesting to you, special or different from traditional approaches, and potentially interesting to fellow students. The process should have:
  • At least 3 participants;
  • Minimum 10 different steps (incl. decision points).
  1. Describe the process with words in writing (e.g. in Word format) and map it visually (e.g. in BizAgi, MS Vision, or other process mapping format). The process should be mapped using a swimlane flowchart. The process participants, clear beginning and the end of the process, and logical sequence of activities should be identifiable on the process map. There should be at least one decision point and relevant decision criteria defined in the process. The written description (e.g. in Word) should include the owner of the process, related documents, references to interconnected processes, and a process performance indicator that is aligned with the process objectives.
  2. Analyze the process and highlight the problematic issues in the describing document (e.g. Word).
  3. Make proposals for process improvement, incl. optimization, in the describing document (e.g. Word).
  4. Upload the process map (in pdf or jpg format) and the description in writing; the latter needs to include the performance indicators and the analysis of the process.
  5. The process (incl. problematic issues, optimization proposals, KPIs) has to be presented to fellow students to get passed. The student has to explain why this process was chosen and how it links to the wider process landscape of the organization.



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