Business Organization: Management Assignment Solutions


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Learning Outcomes Covered


  1. Critically analyses key theoretical approaches to the management of change with reference to structure, culture, conflict and managing self.
  2. Critically examine organizational behavior in a variety of contexts and develop discussion based on complex scenarios and the changing external environment.
  3. Develop, explore, and critique human resource management approaches in these contexts with reference to contemporary theory and an understanding of current practice.
  4. A conceptual understanding of the core theories in understanding people and their role in organizations.


Assignment Brief

Generation gap leads to many challenges in business firms. Inability to understand the values and aspirations of new generation employees can result in high attrition rates and increasing recruitment costs. Further, business firms struggle when they do not have competent employees to handle various tasks. As business firms expand their activities and adopt new technologies to meet the demands of customers, it is essential that they attract and retain the new generation employees.



Identify a business organisation from your country with a track record of over 3 years and has more than 100 employees. Critically analyse and discuss the challenges the organisation has been facing in attracting and retaining new generation employees.