BUS 5021 Accounting Information for Analysis and Control


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Assignment Details:-

  • Course Code: BUS 5021
  • Course Title: Financial Analysis
  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 2250
  • University: California State University
  • Country: US


Questions Task:-


  1. What is (are) Wareham’s present revenue recognition policy (ies)
  2. Using the confined information in the case, do the industry features or the current revenue recognition policies encourage manipulation of revenues? If so, how could Wareham manipulate its earnings?
  3. For each of the specific contracts described in the case, please determine when Wareham should recognize the revenue using the criteria in ASC 606. (Onsetcom, Cataumet, Sandham, XLSemi, Technical Devices, and A Shaban) The format for the case write-up should answer each question.


When possible, you can use bullet points or outlines. When calculations are required for the case, you should use a spreadsheet to present the financial information, rather than putting this information in text format. Always state any assumptions you make to achieve your financial conclusions. In other words, present the material in the most straightforward, easy to read manner that you can. Since this is an accounting class, I expect that when figures are available, you will incorporate them into your analysis or decision process. I will read the cases as if I was a manager, and the report was generated to help me solve the problem of the case. This means that the case should not be all possible ideas that you can generate, but your recommendation and basis for that recommendation. When you are done with the report, ask yourself, could a manager make an informed decision using what I have written? Format – Single spaced – Word and/or Excel file – Answer the questions in the case question file on Canvas (these are not necessarily the questions at the end of the case) – No more than 4 pages long, with attached exhibits – If you feel you have thoroughly answered the questions in 2 pages that is fine, do not stretch your file to get to four pages – Thoroughness and conciseness are a plus.