BSBSTR601 Manage Innovation and Continuous Improvement Assessment Task


BSBSTR601 Manage Innovation


Assessment Description


There are two parts to this assessment:


Part A – Students are required to review systems and processes of a fictional business to develop options for continuous improvement and prepare a report based on their findings.


Part B – Students are to write a formal email to CEO (Assessor) highlighting they key elements of the report prepared in part A. Report to be attached to the email.


Woodhouse Recruitment is based in central Melbourne and is a recruitment agency offering recruitment services, including sourcing, screening and selecting candidates to meet clients’ requirements. The company was established in 2010 by Simon and Petra James, a husband and wife team who are the Directors of the company.


The company also employs a receptionist, five recruitment consultants and an Administration Manager. The agency plans to recruit a further two new consultants to start with the company in early 2016.


The company specialises in the following areas of recruitment for both permanent and temporary staff:


  • Administration and office support, Accounting, IT, Sales and Marketing.


The company sees its point of difference as being an owner operated, boutique recruitment agency. The company currently has approximately 30 clients who regularly use their services.


At a recent management team meeting, the management team (the Directors, Administration Manager , the Accountant and the Senior Recruitment Consultant), discussed the need to implement systems and processes for continuous improvement and innovation into the company. This is in part based on the need to stand out from the competitors in an industry where there are a large number of recruitment agencies.


A number of issues were discussed at the management meeting, which the management team feel need further exploration as part of introducing continuous improvement systems and innovations.


  • Services Standards


The company states on its website that it has the following delivery service standards:

  • Service Promise – we are clear in what we offer and the benefits it brings to you
  • Service Delivery – we offer consistent and reliable service to you
  • Customer Relationships – we are open and honest with all of our customers
  • Compliance – we ensure we adhere to all ethical and legal requirements.


However, service standards have not been clearly defined and there are no performance indicators in place to measure performance.


  • Key performance indicators


No formal performance indicators are in place to measure key service standards including how quickly candidates are recruited to fill jobs or how many of the candidates pass the trial period effectively.


  • Social Media


There is no social media strategy in place. Currently the company is not using social media to market positions or to source candidates but recognises this is an area for development. Currently most candidates are usually found through the existing database (60%) or through advertising on job search websites.


  • Staff professional development


While all recruitment consultants are expected to have minimum qualifications and experience, there is no process in place to ensure that recruitment consultants continue to participate in professional development activities to keep their skills up to date. There is also no performance appraisal system in place.


  • Sustainability


The business currently does not have any formal sustainability initiatives in place and is conscious of moving towards a green office environment both to be an environmentally friendly business, as well as to reduce costs.


  • Stationery


All company stationery purchased is of the highest quality non-recycled and bleached paper that comes wrapped in non-biodegradable packaging and is sourced from overseas. The Accountant has identified that the cost of the stationery is astronomical and we should be reducing costs and sourcing Australian products.


  • Recruitment Database


The database that the company was purchased off the shelf and keeps crashing because it is not able to cope with the amount of data that it contains. The recruitment consultants say that they are not able to customise the fields to include the data they need nor does it provide accurate reports. The Directors disagree with this feedback and have so far refused to spend money on investigating a new system.


Key business performance statistics are as follows:


  • Annual sales revenue for financial year 2014 – 2015 is $1,350,000, an increase of 10% from the previous year. The target sales revenue was 12%
  • Increase in profits for this financial year compared to the last one is 9%. The target was 10%
  • 16% of placements are in the IT area, 18% in accounting, 20% in sales and marketing and the remainder in administration and office support.
  • 60% of revenue is from repeat client business, the target was 70%
  • Fill rate is 40% (where fill rate is the number of job orders filled by the number of job orders received multiplied by 100).
  • Average time to fill contracts for 2014 were as follows:

– Temporary contracts was 8 days
– Contract work is 20 days
– Permanent search 23 days
– Executive search 33 days


Key performance indicators currently used to measure business performance focus on financial indicators, including net operating profit and sales revenue. The company also tracks its fill rate and is seeking to improve this to the industry average of 47% over the next year.


BSBSTR601 Manage Innovation and Continuous Improvement Assessment


Part A – Prepare report


Prepare a report to your manager (your assessor) that outlines the following for both topics:

  • Your topics or areas for improvement that you will plan a continuous improvement and innovative processes for, one being a sustainability program
  • Identify and discuss a range of strategies that you can implement to monitor and evaluate the current performance and sustainability of your topics/areas for improvement.
  • Analyse and provide a detailed account of the current supply chain and the (operational, product or service) systems the business is using to deliver their service. What is working well and what could be improved?
  • Identify how the topics/areas for improvement performance could be measured, including an outline of the assessment tools or techniques that could be used. Evaluate the effectiveness of each tool/technique.
  • Identify at least two specialists that could help Woodhouse Recruitment. This may be to identify technology and electronic commerce opportunities or to implement your ideas. Provide their contact details, the services they offer and your rationale as to why it may be beneficial to use their services.
  • Conduct research and analyse and report on trends and opportunities relevant to Woodhouse Recruitment in relation to your topics/areas for improvement. Use the resources provided by the assessor plus other external resources for this research.
  • Compare Woodhouse Recruitment’s business performance statistics to industry benchmarks and speculate as to why they may not have met their targets.


At the end of your report, introduce and briefly discuss three examples of other innovative business ideas that Woodhouse Recruitment could adapt and implement.


Your report should be written in clear and concise English and contain relevant headings to identify the information.


Part B – Write email to CEO (Assessor) about the report


  1. Write a formal email to CEO (Assessor) highlighting key elements of the report. The email has to formally and professionally written. Report must be attached to the email.



  1. A system review and continuous improvement report
  2. Email to CEO (assessor).


Part A – Prepare report

  • Prepare a report to your manager (your assessor) that outlines the following for both topics:
  • Your topics or areas for improvement that you will plan a continuous improvement and innovative processes for, one being a sustainability program


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