BAN 120 Business Analytics Case Study – Seneca College


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Assessment Details:-

  • Course Code: BAN 120
  • Course Title: Analytics Case Study
  • Referencing Styles: MLA
  • Words: 1000
  • University: Seneca College
  • Country: CA




1. Write a five-page review of the article

  • Review the journal article using the following format:
  1. Summary of Article
  2. Methodology
  3. Results and Findings
  4. Conclusions of the Research
  5. Implications for Managers
  6. Opinions on the article (value, relevance, findings, and conclusions d) Use the MLA Citation Guide. Include in-text citations in your assignment and a Works Cited page at the end on a separate page. To review the MLA rules go to the box on the BAN120 page called: MLA Citation Guide.



2. Other requirements

  • Your write-up should not be more than five pages (excluding the Works Cited sheet), double line spacing.
  • The grade for this assignment will be based on the extent to which the summary contains the key messages of the article.

The quality of implications for managers and the relevance of the article to the issue.