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Assignment Details:

  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Words: 3000
  • Course Code: B01MKTP103
  • Course Title: Marketing Principles
  • University: James Cook University
  • Country: AU


Question 1) Assuming that you are working with one of the florist shops in the city (it can be the shop “Roses Only”). You are interested to apply what you have studied in marketing to segment the market. Describe how do you go about segmenting the market for flowers?


Question 2) Commercial television channels depend on one thing for survival -advertisement revenue. Naturally, they have to come up with programs to attract the most number of people to watch their channels. Assuming that you are a television strategist(say for C9) and you have acquired some knowledge of market segmentation. You are to analyse the television market of C2 (ABC), SBS, C7, C9, C10based on the following questions.


a)What do you think would be the most popular program that will be seen by the majority of the people on all these channels? How do you know that?


b)Ignoring SBS (which in the morning always show delayed telecast news in foreign languages), what do you think is the reason why C2, C7, C9Cand 10 shows almost identical topical program e.g. “The Morning Show ( C7), “Morning”(C9) “Studio”(10) and almost similar to each other’s programs.


c)Who would watch “The Bold and Beautiful” on C10in the afternoon?


d)SBS shows its evening news at 6.30 0 p.m. Isn’t it a bit too late for news especially when people could have seen the news on C2 and C10 at 5.00 p.m, C7 and C9 at 6.00 p.m?


e)C7 has House Rule (a house renovation), C9 has The Voice (singing) and C10 has Masterchef Australia (cooking) all week. How to segmentation the viewers for these 3 programs. Which would you choose to watch?


f) In what ways can Australian soap operas like ” Home and Away” compete with American sitcom programs like “The Big Bang Theory”.


g)What type of people do you think will watch “Deal or no Deal”?


h)While all the 5 television channels compete against each other, cable operators like Foxtel are aggressively signing up more viewers.


As such, advertisers have more choice to reach the audiences. The end result will mean a very large number of TV advertising outlets each of which delivers a smaller number of viewers. If you are working in one of the commercial television channels, would you be worried about this encroachment by cable operators who may persuade the advertisers to sign with them instead of your television channel?


l) The rapid growth of ethnic groups means that there are TV programs that can cater to them. Assuming that you are the product manager and you want to promote your product via the television, which channel would you put the advertisement that would appeal to a certain ethnic group -say the Italians. Assuming that your company wants to advertise certain products that would appeal to them, devise a simple strat.