ACC100 – Principles of Accounting Assessments

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ACC100 - Principles of Accounting


Assignment Details:

  • Words: 2000


Task rationale and description:


This assessment is set on practical exercises to assess students’ ability to apply theoretical learning concerned with use of accounting information and its analyses and interpretation using ‘real-world’ situation. The pivotal purpose of this task to achieve learning outcomes as has been set out in the unit outline of ACC100.


Task 1 should be done in Excel:


  • You need to collect financial statements information of a company listed in Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). A company will be assigned to you by your lecturer.


You are supposed to carry out analyses and interpretations of the assigned company. In particular, you need to calculate relevant ratios based on the financial statements provided in the annual report in the context of the assigned company’s profitability, liquidity, efficiency, solvency, gearing and investment performance. You will only need to carry out two selected areas out of these five areas.


What needs to be carried out to do these ratio analyses?


  • Down load the annual report of FY2020 / FY2021 of the assigned company from


  • Do not print all the annual report – it is too long. Just read the relevant sections and print, if required.


In this section, you need to interpret the company’s performance on the selected two areas from the above five areas. The structure of this section should include company background, analyses on two selected areas, conclusions and findings, and recommendations. Please note that all the sources used in the body of the written assignment must be acknowledged and properly referenced with the page number of the annual report. Please go through the subject outline for all other requirements on the submission of this assignment.


Create a similar data collection form in Microsoft Excel:


Name of Ratio Formula Data collected from annual report (Page No.)
Profitability ratios


Return on equity






Return on equity


Return on assets


Gross Profit margin


Profit margin


Cash flow to sales

Efficiency ratios

Asset turnover ratio




Days inventory


Days debtors


Times inventory turnover


Times debtors turnover

Liquidity ratios

Current ratio or Working capital ratio


Quick ratio or Acid-test ratio


Cash flow ratio

Capital structure ratios

Debt to equity ratio




Debt ratio


Equity ratio


Interest coverage ratio


Debt coverage ratio

Market performance ratios (relevant to companies listed on an organised securities exchange)

Net Tangible Asset Backing (NTAB) per share


Earnings per share


Operating cash flow per share


Dividend per share




Price Earnings Ratio (PER)



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