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ACC 202 Corporate And Finance Accounting Essay Homework Answer




Referencing Styles: Harvard

Course Code: ACC202

Course Title: Corporate Accounting



Overall Requirements


Prepare an essay that discusses and provides a critical reflection on current issues and practices relating to accounting, and possible future developments in accounting.

Address the requirements outlined below in a flowing and integrated discussion and analysis of current issues and future developments in accounting. Include a brief introduction and conclusion.

Present your work neatly; you may use sections and subheadings if you choose to do so.


Requirements 1

  • Select any two articles from the above list of 4 articles (available on the ACC202 Moodle site).
  • Summarise each of your selected articles in your own words, as clearly and briefly as possible.

Requirement 2

  • Outline how the content of the selected articles relates to current practices and issues within accounting, including the subject content of ACC202.
  • You may draw on any of the ACC202 subject content –e.g. topics, issues, themes, and accounting practices.

Requirement 3

  • Identify and explain key issues for future developments within accounting that relate to the practices and issues identified in addressing requirements 1 and 2.
  • You may find it helpful to identify key stakeholders and consider their interest(s) in relation to the issues.
  • Include a reflective discussion that outlines how the issues you have identified relates to your own life, work, interests, or opinions.
  • This is to be a reflective statement that outlines your own individual perspective, connecting it to the discussion.