5T5Z0027 Business: Ideas, Creativity and Entrepreneurship


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Assignment Details:-

  • Course Code: 5T5Z0027
  • Course Title: Ideas Creativity Entrepreneurship
  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Words: 9999+
  • University: Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Country: GB



Assignment Instructions-


ICE Portfolio



  • To develop your ability to record and present your work clearly and professionally
  • To develop your ability to creatively produce professional posters



Prepare your portfolio. A range of creativity tools and key aspects of entrepreneurship will be introduced to you over the Block. You are required to keep all the work that you completed in the classroom and include this in your portfolio. You should improve and produce professional-quality posters to represent each outcome. Please refer to the Portfolio slides to understand the requirements for the portfolio.


You must do the following:

Step 1: You should attend all the sessions in order to learn and complete the in-class activities

Step 2: Develop professional materials and posters that reflect your learning and the results derived from the in-class activities.

Step 3: Professionally organise your work into a portfolio.


Details of the structured content of the portfolio will be provided in class and posted on moodle.


Harvard referencing, in accordance with MMU guidelines, must be used in all submitted coursework. Please see MMU Library Harvard Referencing for guidance. You must also be aware of the need to conform to these guidelines so as to avoid plagiarism.


If your submission is after the deadline, but within 5 days of it, your mark will be capped at 40%.


Please Note: Your tutor cannot grant extensions. If you think you are unable to submit on time due to health or some other unforeseen issue, you must contact the student hub and apply through formal channels for exceptional factors.


Early Career/ World-Class Professional Skills (PLOs) being assessed or developed/assessed:

  • Analyse real-world situations critically
  • Communicate effectively using a range of media
  • Manage own professional development reflectively
  • Use systems and scenario thinking

See Moodle for slides, podcasts, templates, videos and other resources.

Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

Marking Criteria * (including how stepped marking applies)


Please see marking rubric at the end of this document with graduate outcomes being assessed:

1.Critical analysis to real-world situations

2.Manage own professional development reflectively

3.Communicate effectively using a range of media

4.Find, evaluate, synthesise and use information

5.Social and community contexts within their disciplinary field