31280 Strategic IT Project Case Study Assignment Answer

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  •  WORDS: 3250
  • COURSE CODE: 31280



Overview – Written Report

You are given a simple case study. Based on this case study you are asked to write a report with recommendations for the client, using a combination of material covered in the course and your own research. Your recommendation should include:

  • A short summary of the case study
  • Two different sets of recommendations to address the business needs with clear justifications


Case Study

Harriet Boone is an artisan hobbyist with a strong interest in woodworking. Harriet makes artistic wooden wearable items, such as earrings, brooches, hair pins, bracelets, and other ornaments. Now Harriet wants to make a living from her hobby and believes she can use several avenues to monetize her art: by selling the pieces locally, and by marketing her art online. Her idea is to film herself, and upload progress vlogs highlighting new pieces she’s created, as well as tutorials for other artists to learn from.


Harriet has just moved to Adelaide, and although she has woodworking tools (and a small workshop in her garage), her technical equipment is limited to a Go Pro and an old Nikon DLSR. She plans to use these cameras for filming, but she doesn’t currently have her own computer or internet.


Harriet has got a little bit of savings that she’s set aside for the computing side of her business totaling $2500. She will need to set up a website to start sales, and buy a computer with appropriate software to handle video editing and uploading, as well as to manage the usual small business tasks.


Harriet does have IT experience – while not particularly knowledgeable about computer hardware, she can use a computer, has basic experience with video editing, and has no problem using standard office software. However, she lacks any experience in using accounting software, and has never built nor maintained a website.



Write a report that will provide Harriet with two options: a low-cost IT solution that should do the job and easily fits within their budget, and a better solution that will cost more but will continue to be sufficient for at least 3-5 years. This second solution could, if needed, go above budget, but you will need to justify the cost. The report should include:


  • An introduction that summarizes Harriet’s situation
  • A computer
  • A recommendation for accounting software
  • A rough proposal for a website
  • A recommended internet account provider and plan


It needs to be written with consideration of Harriet’s particular circumstances and to take into account her current skills.