11173 Professional Evidence In Management Assignment Answer


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  • COURSE CODE: 11173



What’s required is: The company or organization you would like to work for post-graduation has placed an “expression of interest” advertisement on their website looking for graduates to come and work in multiple areas of their organization. You have decided to express your interest. What they are asking for: An uploaded document answering the question “what makes you a good fit for this role?”



 A copy of your CV Task: Create a three to five-minute (maximum) video where the student is introducing themselves to camera.


The video should include: Speech to camera introducing themselves, outlining their experience and what would make them a perfect fit for the culture and approach of the organization of choice Student should consider all elements of the video to portray themselves professionally, including dress and location background Suggested format: Introduction of self (include education and skills) Outline what types of positions or work you are looking to engage in and what would make you a good candidate for this Answer the question: What makes you the perfect fit for this employer?



Sign off should reflect the professionalism that you are trying to convey Please note: prior to commencing this task you should research what types of positions are generally available to graduates, and the skills/attributes the business is seeking. This can be done using job search sites and examining previous position advertisements. Students are to use available technology; this includes phone cameras or webcams in computers (not looking for professional level video quality), and to keep in mind that you want to look like a professional for the industry you have chosen (i.e. what would you wear and how would you behave at a job interview?). Documents to Submit: 100 words describing the graduate job you are expressing an interest in (where is it, what does it entail etc).