Statistics is the science that concern with the collecting, analyzing, presenting & evaluating of data. Governmental needs for evaluation data and information about various economic activities provided much of the early incentive for the field of statistics. The need to turn the large amounts of data available in many applied fields into useful information has stimulated both theoretical and practical developments in statistics.


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The Field of Statistics in Divided into two Major Parts:

1 Descriptive
2 Inferential


1 Descriptive: Descriptive Statistics is the way to summarized and evaluate the collected data so that a meaningful pattern formed. But this area is narrowed down for concluding only those information that we have collected or presented to us.
Hence, applying descriptive statistics requires two types of statistical ideas:

  • Graphically (histogram, bar graph etc.)
  • Numerically (Mean, Median, Mode)


2 Inferential: Inferential is one of the two major parts of statistics. Inferential statistics used random samples of data taken from population to describe and make inferences about the population. You can use the information about parametric and nonparametric tests. Both of these types of analyses are used to determine whether the results are likely to be changed in variable value.


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List Of Topics That Require Statistic Assignment Writing:

  • Quantitative analysis
  • Biostatistics assignment
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Probability distributions
  • MATLAB assignment
  • Reliability theory
  • SPSS assignment
  • Binomial distribution


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