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A financial statement helps in understanding the financial situation that helps in making informed decisions regarding the business.



What Is the Purpose of Financial Statement Analysis?


The financial statement analysis assignment help Australia explains the purpose of making financial statements. It is prepared by the accounts department of the company after collecting all the required data and following certain rules and guidelines. After the report is prepared it is submitted to the higher management who can utilize it for better decisions.

  • The financial statements need to certain decisions which are helpful for the business-like-
  • There are decisions that need to be taken whether we should continue with the business or not,
  • Purchase related decisions of purchasing raw materials and goods and services,
  • The decisions regarding the capital expenditure and revenue expenditure,
  • Decisions of acquiring loans and equity,
  • The investment decisions and lending out money.




Method of Financial Statement Analysis Provided by MBA Professionals


Trend analysis

This determines how the business is going to perform by comparing the past records. It is an estimation and it cannot give you the exact information.


The Vertical Analysis

It is a type of financial statement that compresses the condition with another line of item. It is a technique of financial statement analysis.


Horizontal Analysis

This analysis is done by comparing the current year’s financial statement with the previous years. It determines whether there is an increase or decrease in revenue expenditure assets and liabilities.


Financial Ratio Analysis

It is time to make the management aware of the financial condition of the company. Some of them include liquidity ratios, financial ratios, debt-equity ratios, etc.




There Are Some Components That the Financial Statements Constitute


  • Explanations of The Income Statement

Financial statements analysis assignment help serves the purpose of explaining how the income statement is important. It is essential to make a list of the sources of income as well as the expenses that lead to the net profit for the financial year. Students can acquire more information from experts who adequate knowledge regarding Accounting Principles.


  • Cash Flow Statement

The cash flow statement from the company represents the inflow and outflow of cash. It is utilized for the purpose of carrying out the operations of a business concern.


  • The Balance Sheet

The financial statement analysis assignment case study help explains that the balance sheet is the summarized view of the financial position of the business. It is where all the assets and the liabilities of the business are displayed at the current value.


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What are the Main Objectives of Financial Statement Analysis?


Financial statement analysis has some major objectives behind the whole purpose. The financial statements are analyzed to update some objectives like-



Profitability is the major objective of financial statement analysis. It is the main objective of the business to earn profit and financial statement analysis assignment writing help explains perfectly how the business entity can aim for bigger profits in the long run.



Solvency is the second objective of the company which assures whether the company is enough profit or not. It checks with the liabilities there in the whole course of the business.



Liquidity is the third objective of preparing financial statements. It is to ascertain the liquidity of the business concern that check with the capacity of the business to meet its goals.



Stability is a major part of any business that wants to remain in operation for a long time. It does not want to encourage losses so it is important to maintain a stable condition of the business to earn profit.


Mathematical Calculations and Understanding of Financial Statement Analysis Formulas


Often at times, it becomes difficult for the students to write their assignments on their own. It includes a lot of mathematical calculations and understanding to compile all the information and analysis for financial statements assessment. Those who are studying the subject can come up with homework help for better submission and writing of assignments. All the information and samples are given on the website so you exactly know what you can expect for the quality of the assignment.



All the topics are dealt with instant financial statement analysis help. There are techniques used and provided by the financial statement analysis assignment like-

  • Profitability ratio = Net Profit/Sales*100
  • Dividend cover = Earnings per share/Dividend per share.
  • Debt ratio = Total Debts/Total Assets
  • Trend analysis = (Current year Amount – Base year Amount)/Base year Amount
    (Note: Change in Amount = Current year amount -base year amount)
  • Net Profit margin = (Revenue-Cost)/Revenue
  • Current liquidity ratio = Current Assets/Current Liabilities


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Mostly Ask FAQ From Financial Study Students


Q.1 What are the major types of financial Statement?

Answer: The main types of Financial Statements analysis are

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statements 
  • Case flow Statements 
  • Statements of Shareholders


Q.2 What are the different types and methods of financial statements analysis?

Answer: There are several techniques that commonly used by financial statements analysis Experts

  • Horizontal Analysis
  • Vertical Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis


Q.3 Someone Do my financial statement Analysis Assignment Help?

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