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Course Title : organisational change management

Referencing Styles : APA

Pages : 123

Course Code: OPMT600

Change Management Plan: Change Require in (AMAZON Company). Change requires in its (Culture, Structure, System/Process or Climate). Consider any of the change management approach model.



  • Introduction


  • Situation and need for change


  • Process Of Change


  • Use (Korter’s 8 stage process, MCKINSEY S7 MODEL, Bridges Transition Model, Lewin’s 3 step model, Nadler Teshman model, ADKAR model) Use any of the at least two relevant models


  • Analysis of the culture, structure, system and climate of the organization


  • Plan to Implement change (Include types of approaches to be used, vision of change and other important factors in leading change)


  • Risk Assessment what can derail the change plan and what can support it


What mitigation Strategies you will use to deal with unfavorable risks.


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