Individual Business Venture Analysis Report Assessment Solutions


Assignment Details:-

  • Topic: Individual Business Venture Analysis Report
  • Subject: Business
  • Number of Words: 1250
  • Citation/Referencing Style: APA6 or Harvard format




Assessment 2 Instructions



Critically analyse a startup venture (from the list), and propose suggestions for future directions.


Detailed Instructions

Please select ONE Australian startup venture from the below list, then describe/critically analyse the chosen startup venture.

  • Airtasker (https://www.a
  • Atlassian (
  • Employment Hero (
  • Koala (
  • Mr Yum (
  • Eucalyptus (https://eucalyptuvc/)
  • Brighte (https://br
  • Coconut Bowls (https://www.coconutbow


Make sure your report includes critical analyses and reflection on/application of the relevant entrepreneurship theories required. The following structure and detail are suggested (only sections 1-5 below contribute to your word count):


  1. Startup introduction
  • Brief introduction of the chosen startup venture
  • What are the major product/service benefits, features and/or experience?
  • Who and where are the venture’s targeted customers?
  • What customer wants, needs, problems or fears are the venture trying to address?


  1. The process of new venture creation
  • How were the opportunities recognised, evaluated and exploited in the chosen venture?


  1. Value proposition
  • Critically evaluate the chosen venture’s value proposition.


  1. Entrepreneurial marketing and finance
  • Critically evaluate the entrepreneurial marketing strategies/tactics that have been employed at different stages of the chosen venture’s development
  • Where and how effective did the chosen venture seek for finance at different stages of the venture’s development? What type of finance that has been used by the venture?


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