MGN530- Talent And Strategic Management


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  • Referencing Styles: APA
  • Words: 2500
  • Course Code: MGN530
  • Course Title: Talent Management
  • University: Australian Catholic University
  • Country: Au



Please follow all the instructions given and also refer to the instructions in the word document:


Introduction: Here are my responses to important questions:


Q1. For the body part of Assessment 1, I have some questions. I don’t know how to complete this part. Response In the body paragraphs, you need to do the following: 1. Compare the 5 approaches, which mean discuss how they are similar. For example, both key people and key positions approaches are exclusive approaches. You can also use the framework/typologies we discussed right at the beginning of the week 3 workshop. 2. Contrast the 5 approached, which means discuss how they are different. For example, people vs. practices and suitable for low risk environment vs. high risk environment. 3. Discuss them in terms of how each of those 5 approaches help or hinder in achieving decent work and strategic Hrm For no. 1 and 2, these are just some examples, you’ll need to do research and also do your own thinking.


Q2. Can we use sub-headings in the body paragraphs? Response Yes, you can.


Q3. Can we also use a book as a reference? Response Yes, you can.


Q4. For the conclusion part – can we suggest a blended talent management approach or should we only pick one specific approach out of the 5 we have covered? Response you can suggest a blended TM approach.


Q5. Do we have to talk about decent work and SHRM in each and every approach? Response Yes


The topic is differentiation-based talent management (week’s 1-3 seminars). Start with a definition/description of talent management in your own words but with citations. Write a few sentences on the approaches to talent management covered in this unit. Inform the reader about the purpose of this essay and then provide an outline of your essay.


Body Paragraphs (about 900 words)

Compare and contrast the approaches to talent management. Discuss them in the context of their effectiveness with reference to decent work and strategic HRM. Cite a wide range of literature that support your arguments and provide evidence from industry examples.


Conclusion (about 300 words)

Provide a conclusion of your discussion for the reader, supported by literature. Clearly state which approach(s) is more effective than others and under what conditions?