(BFA612) Management And Cost Accounting Techniques And Theories


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  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  •  Words: 3000
  • Course Code: BFA 612
  • Course Title: Management and Cost accounting
  • University: University of Tasmania
  • Country:AU




Objectives of the Assignment:

The objectives of this assignment are to assist in developing skills that are crucial to gaining employment and maintaining ongoing career success. These skills include:


1. Critical reasoning and analytical skills: Analyze the revenue, costs and variances for the case-study scenario, to answer specific questions.


2. Knowledge of industry: Research, interpret and apply management accounting techniques and theories specific to the scenario.


3. Written communication skills: Use interpersonal skills to provide recommendations in a business report format.


4. Social responsibility skills: Identify social responsibility and sustainability issues in the business context.


5. Teamwork & leadership skills: Apply teamwork skills to analyze the scenario; develop a cohesive, team structure and reflect on roles of self and peers.


1- On the basis of your Market Research Into the project and its relevant industry, both in Tasmania and on the Australian Mainland, what is the predicted annual growth rate of your business? Use this to prepare a sales budget for the first three years on annual basis.