MARK6110 Management: Advanced Strategic Market


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Assignment Details:-

  • Course Code: MARK6110
  • Course Title: Advanced Marketing Strategy
  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Words: 2500
  • University: University of New South Wales
  • Country: AU





“Few practising marketers understand the real significance of a strategic marketing plan as opposed to an operational plan.”

Discuss this statement with reference to concepts in strategic marketing.



Magic macadamia farm is an Australia owned manufacturer of macadamia nuts, and one of Australia’s leading producers of gourmet macadamia product.

The product range spans from nut mixes to granola, muesli and muesli bars to macadamia oils and sells locally in boutique shops and restaurants.

Imagine you are the marketing director for magic macadamia farm and you are launching a new product (of your choice) into the industry.

  1. Think of a new product for magic macadamia farm and identify the target market and positioning strategy for the new product.
  2. Discuss what pricing strategy you would use for the new product.
  3. Outline two distribution strategies that you will use to launch the new product into the target market as identified in Qa.
  4. Outline tow marketing communication(promotion) strategies that you will use to launch the new product into the target market as identified in Qa.



  1. Discuss two reasons for Over The Moo’s success.
  2. Does Over the Moo has a sustainable competitive advantage? Explain.
  3. Imagine you are the marketing manager for Over the Moo. Using case facts, discuss two additional new strategic marketing opportunities for Over the Moo if their objective is to grow the business. Evaluate the viability of each of the strategies for Over the Moo.
  4. How would you recommend Over the Moo counteract any competitive behaviour?
  5. Discuss two challenges Over the Moo may face in the future.
  6. Recommend ways Over the Moo can overcome these challenges.