Critical Analysis of Internal Processes and Characteristics of Organization Assessment Answers


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Assignment Details:

Words: 2000



Question 1 Conduct a literature review that critically discusses the concepts of

–          A . Information Governance & Information Security

–          B. Managing and Analysing Information (analytics)

–          C. Corporate IT infrastructure & servers (infrastructure) And their importance in information management.

Find and discuss relevant literature (mainly from academic peer reviewed literature such as journal articles, conference articles, with books, white papers, practitioner literature, and blog articles having a little less weight. Do in deep research for the latest news.

Advice*(demonstrates your understanding of the subject and the relevant theory, should include the literature around information governance, information security, and the effectiveness of information systems. Use sources beyond course materials make sure include reliable and valid sources (mainly academic/some practitioner).

Critically discuss the literature, the different perspectives, how they contradict or agree with each other, the shortcomings, limitations, and ways they fit into the bigger picture.

Question 2 After reading the Procter and Gamble case study, critically discuss the role and responsibilities of senior leadership in information governance in the context of Procter and Gamble. (case study, please see attached)

Advice*(Don’t have to re-write the case, briefly summarize the case and the situation. Critical what did they do wrong and what did they do right and why? Use literature to support these views.

Question 3 In an organization of your choice, perform a critical analysis of their use of information systems and information technology (including cloud services and social media) and how these impacts on staff development, effective flows of communication, and decision making in the organization. Support your analysis with the literature and focus on analyzing your organization.

Advice*(you can structure your analysis clearly to answer the question, this will also help organize your recommendations for the question. Support your analysis with the literature and focus here is on analyzing your organization)

Question 4 Building on your analysis from question #3, critically evaluate possible improvements to the organization use of information systems with emphasis on staff development in line with organizational goals, effective flows of communication, and decision making in the organization.

Advice*(You can structure your analysis based on staff development, effective flows of communication, and decision-making. Most importantly support your recommendations with the literature, focus here is on providing recommendations for your organization).

Question 5 Critically analyze the importance of security in information management in your organization in particular.

Observations*(build on your organizational analysis in 3, don’t repeat the same information. Focus on the question and answer it. This is about applying your understanding from the literature and course to your context).

Overall quality (15%) The remaining 15% of the final mark will be dependent on the quality of Harvard referencing and bibliography, as well as the general presentation of your paper.


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