BSBWHS521 Grow Management Consultants Case Study Assessment


BSBWHS521 Grow Management Consultants


BSBWHS521 Grow Management Consultants


It is a management consultancy business.

Staff employed in the business include the CEO, Operations Manager, two Senior Management Consultants and an Administration Officer. There are also three management consultant contractors who work from the office at least 2 days a week each, as well as from home. All of the management consultants travel extensively across Australia, visiting clients.


Information specific to this assessment


Grow Management Consultants has an existing Health and Safety Policy and Procedure but as the organisation has expanded, the CEO believes that it is time to update the policy and procedure and to establish additional procedures including health and safety procedures to be followed when working from home as this is a common practice of the management consultants.


The CEO has indicated that he does not want to incur any additional costs in implementing the WHS management system and wants to incorporate WHS responsibilities into existing staff roles. These also need to be clearly defined in the health and safety policy and procedure.


The CEO has identified that the areas of the policy and procedure that need updating are as follows:

  • Include definitions of duty holders under WHS legislation
  • Types of hazard inspections need to be broadened to include pre-operation and regular inspections, as well as working from home inspections (see below).
  • WHS Communication and Consultation Arrangements: the current Health and Safety Policy refers to the need to consult with workers, but the WHS procedure does not say how it will occur. Suitable communication and consultation arrangements need to be identified for Grow Management Consultants and procedures developed. These arrangements also need to be in accordance with legislative requirements.
  • While the current policy and procedures refer to hazard identification and risk control generally, it has been identified that there are no specific procedures with regard to working from home health and safety As working from home is a common practice for the management consultants, this needs to be addressed. A procedure needs to be developed.
  • The policy and procedures do not address the requirement of ensuring that where there are changes to a work procedure or system, that a hazard identification is conducted. The inspection should identify any new hazards that may be created, and ways to control these.

Risk consultants charge an hourly rate of $350 per hour.


Workplace Health and Safety Policy and Procedures




This policy applies to all workers at Grow Management Consultants.

To outline the necessary steps taken to ensure the continued safety of the work environment for all students, staff and others participating in any activities within the premises or under the employment of Grow Management Consultants.

All employees, as well as Grow Management Consultants, are responsible for ensuring a healthy and safe workplace.




A hazard is any potentially dangerous situation within the work environment.

Incident means an event or circumstance that leads – or could have lead – to unintended or unnecessary harm during a person’s participation in work with Grow Management Consultants.

An injury is any incident that causes harm to a person during their participation in work activities with Grow Management Consultants.

WHS communication and consultation means sharing information, giving workers a reasonable opportunity to express views, and taking those views into account before making decisions on health and safety matters




Grow Management Consultants recognises the importance of providing a safe and healthy environment for staff, contractors and visitors during their participation in work.

Grow Management Consultants aspires for excellence in workplace health and safety and is committed to providing an environment which is free from risks and conducive to the productivity and efficiency needs of its staff and others.




1. Compliance with legislation

  • Grow Management Consultants meets the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and complies with all other relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice, advisory and best practice standards as well as organisational policies and procedures.


2. Organisational responsibility and commitment

  • Grow Management Consultants is committed to:
    • Providing a safe and healthy environment for all staff and others during their participation in activities with Grow Management Consultants
    • Implementing effective risk management systems that are relevant and suitable for the organisation’s scope of business; promote workplace health and safety at all times; and continuously improve performance in relation to health and safety.
    • Encouraging active participation, cooperation and consultation with all staff and others in the promotion and development of measures to improve health and safety.
    • Actively responding to, recording and investigating all incidents.
    • Maintaining relevant policies, procedures, training, codes of conduct and systems to support and communicate effective health and safety practices throughout the organisation.
    • Routinely conducting checks of the work environment to assess risks, identify hazards and identify areas for improvement.
    • Taking immediate response to reduce the risk of identified workplace hazards.
    • Providing appropriate induction, training, information and updates to staff on a regular basis about workplace health and safety.


3. Staff responsibility

  • All staff including managers have a responsibility to work safely; take all reasonable care for their own health and safety; and always consider the health and safety of others who may be affected by their actions.
  • When staff are undertaking work from home or at an off-site location, the staff member is responsible for ensuring the environment they enter into is free from risk and occupational health and safety hazards.


4. Reporting

  • All staff, and others are required to report any identified workplace hazards and associated risks as soon as they become aware of them.
  • All staff, and others are required to report any incident that causes harm to a person during their participation in work and/or training activities with Grow Management Consultants.


5. Records

  • Appropriate records of the organisation’s risk management strategy, workplace hazards and workplace injuries will be accurately maintained at all times.




1. Workplace health and safety inspections

Steps Responsibility
1.1 Annual workplace inspections.

· An Annual worksite inspection will be conducted using the Workplace Health & Safety Checklist.

Operations Manager
1.2 Control hazards

All hazards identified through any of the above inspections must be reported to the Operations Manager using the Workplace Hazard Report.

Appropriate actions must be taken to control any hazards identified.

Hazards and control mechanisms are to be recorded in the central Safety and Hazard Register for all identified hazards.

Risk ratings are to be added to the Risk Management Plan.


2. Identify and control hazards

Steps Responsibility
2.1 Identify and control hazards.

· All staff have a responsibility to respond to hazards and perceived risks to health and safety.

· Any staff member who identifies a potential or actual workplace hazard must report it immediately to the Operations Manager using the Workplace Hazard Report.

· The Operations Manager will take appropriate actions to control the identified hazards in accordance with the Health and Safety Policy.

· The Operations Manager will complete the Hazard Register for all identified hazards.

· Hazards and their control mechanisms are to be recorded in the Workplace Injury Register.

· Any risk ratings are to be added to the Risk Management Plan.

All staff and Operations Manager


3. Workplace incidents

Steps Responsibility
3.1 Workplace incidents

· If an incident occurs in the workplace any persons attending to the incident or witness to the incident are to fill in a Workplace Incident Form.

· Where the incident involves an injury, the first person in attendance to a workplace injury should contact the First Aid Officer or emergency services in the case of a serious injury.

· Workplace Injury Forms are to be provided to the Operations Manager who will use the records to gather accounts of the incident and use them as the basis of an investigation into the incident, if required.

· All serious injuries will be reported to Worksafe.

All staff

Operations Manager


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